Basic Poker Strategy Tips

Patience is a huge requirement needed to become a profitable winning poker player, Patience is the first important requirement you will need to be consistent be able to take your game to new performance levels of play.

1. Patience : Most people find this the most demanding requirement needed in order to become a regular winning poker player and no matter what type of poker game or tournament you play patience is the biggest key. Breaking down opponents and learning there play takes time, sitting in on a ring game and expecting to win every time within an hour or so is not going to happen every time you play so playing for several hours takes a lot of patience and make no mistake you must must master this aspect. No one can help you over come this obstacle, so many players fall down at the tables and crumble to dust after short periods of play.

As opposed to bingo in which you mark numbers independently and the interaction with the other players is minor, playing poker is all about the players - you need to learn them, feel them, watch their moves etc. It takes time and you have to be patient but this is your key to success - there are no shortcuts!

Symptoms of losing patience while playing poker
  • • Gambling on bad cards and draws that are of low percentage outs and require a large amount of chips in order to see the hand through.
  • • Singling a player out and Chasing moneys lost against said opponent, Regardless of how bad you may think that players is.
  • • Becoming involved in player chat and becoming aggravated by a players comments towards you.
  • • Increasing the stakes pre flop with bad cards in the hope of getting lucky (It's called gambling and good poker players play percentages).

One of the most important parts of your poker arsenal is your starting chip stack, So make sure you do not take your whole stack to any single table, Crying about it later will not correct the fact you lost it all.

2. Starting Stack : One of the golden rules that will help you achieve a winning mentality is Never take your entire cash balance to the poker table.

How to use your poker chip stack to good affect

• Most would take an average of 5% of there stake to a poker ring table game, how ever we advise you look at the table and take the average amount of the current players chip stacks to the table. By doing so you avoid possibly being one of the lowest stacked players on the table and getting bullied of hands that you would normally play.