Calculating a raise – an Art to win a Poker Game with good or bad cards

The raise is the bets that decide the game and if you have a good hand you need to raise. Some may raise to hide the bad cards in his hand. What ever may be the reason – if you are going for a large raise – it automatically increases your chance to win!

There are a number of reasons why the poker player raises and when you are calculating a raise, you tend to become a better player and your these calculations will help you win. There are different reasons for raise and if you feel it is best hand that you have – you raise to win money in the pot. When you are in a late position with a straight draw you are getting a chance of 1:2 or 1:3 odds to get your flush in the game. When you have a strong hand you raise when you are on an expensive bet and play slow otherwise.

You will be calculating a raise for information also. You need to know where you stand in the flop and you raise to check if anyone else raise you. If they do raise then it shows they have much better card and you are to go for a beat. You can go for a fold in such case and save the big bets. You can sometime raise to get a free card or a cheaper card which might again help your hand. You can also bet and check if it improves your situation.

The more you raise during a game when you do not have much better hand with you – the more bluff you held out for your opponents who may have a better card but will not raise when they think your hand is much better. They will not be calculating a raise but will fold if they miss a straight and you bluff for you did the same, but they won’t find out and they will take the bluff. Sometimes it is called a deception – for which you raise. You do not want others to know about your hand and raise. If one misreads your action you may win the game.

You must know when to raise and it sometimes differ as per the mood of the game and players, your position and the low and top cards of the game. The stack of the player also helps in determining the raise and calculating a raise can be done by looking at the stack of the player, if he is playing for a check or for a steal. When the stack of a player is big but he still raises – you can understand that he wants to know your hand for he is able to challenge.

The next thing that may come to your mind is when to raise – and that depends on you who is calculating a raise. You will find people think you need to raise as earlier in the game after the deal for you can end your hand pre-flop. Some thinks that you should raise later for there are few person to tackle and contest your bets. Make sure of your hand whenever you raise for if you can’t go for a bluff – a raise with a poor hand will fall back on you.