Continuation betting and your chances of winning the bet

Continuation bet is a bet which is called with only intention to make others fold. It will be good for you if you keep in mind the type of players you have against you and your position in the deal and the number of players in the pot.

The poker players commonly use the tactics called the continuation betting, which is a bet on the current flop after the player makes a pre-flop raise initially. This bet is done inspite of his being connected or not – with the flop. The players who are playing for a long time can easily smell such betting and will call or raise against it, even though their hands not call for such a step. They would gain by winning the pot instantly or at least by outplaying the original bet raiser during the game.

You need to consider a few things to be on safe zone if you go for a continuation betting. You must try to calculate how many people on the table will call the initial raise. The type of players on the table and their position in consideration to yours has to be kept in mind too. The stacks that you are playing against and the blinds are also to be checked before going for such bets. If in such case the other players re-raise against your call, you will have no other option than to fold.

Your main objective behind the continuation betting is to make everyone to fold and for that you must have real idea about others hands and the type of player they are. If they are very aggressive players they will call against such bet for they will see through the bluff. If you are playing against a player who will call even if he has a pair, you just need to go off after the flop bet. If you are up against a maniac, let him bet with nothing and you can always check call till the end of the river.

If the opponent player folds their hand every time you go for a continuation betting, then you need to win. You have to give more thought to other player’s way of thinking. Keep in mind that a good one will be 2/3 or ¾ of the size of the pot. Hence if the pot is for $10 the amount to bet with would be $7 for if the bet is lower then that, opponents will have a chance to call, to take a good pot of odds. But if you take it up much higher – like for the above example if you take it to $15, then it alarms people as they will read a big investment in this step.

You need to consider the reads on your opponent’s strength and ability before going for a continuation betting for if the level is low the other people on the table will be more ready to bet with any type of hand with him. If there is less chance of your opponent to fold at lower level then it cannot be to your aid if you go for a continuation bet. A very good player against you can also reduce your success with such betting. Hence we can conclude that after giving much thinking to the psychology of the other players – we need to go for this bet as this works only on mediocre players who will fold against this bet.