How To Play Badugi

There are different types of techniques of How To Play Badugi and you should learn them at the earliest.

Badugi is one of the most exciting poker games which follow the Asian style of play. You can learn how to play Badugi both offline and online. There are various steps which you need to keep in mind while you start playing Badugi. As one of the best poker games, it can provide you with the chance to win a big pot and also a very good level of thrill and excitement. The game of Badugi is played with four cards in all and the mission of each and every player is to get the least Badugi ( A hand consisting of four cards of different Value and suits with an ace being the lowest card in the deck). See example of Badugi Hand below.

What you see Here is an example of a Badugi Hand consisting of four separate playing card suits, It is important to remember that an Ace is always Low, Ace, Two, Three, Four is also the highest possible Badugi Hand that can be made playing the game.

The overall structure of the game is quite interesting. When the game is started two cards just cannot depict a same value. The search for the card which has lowest value begins here and all the others are terminated from the game. Once this occurs, the hands may just be classified into 1, 2 or 3 (A three Card Hand). When you want to know the various terms related to playing Badugi then the first important aspect deals with participation. A total number of six players can participate in the game. Before the commencement of the game, a number of terms and conditions have to be agreed upon by the players in home games. Some of the terms and conditions which the players needs to discuss deals with factors like betting variation, big blind, Half Pot, Limit or just Pot Limit game types.

Starting the Game

Each Badugi player is dealt four cards face downWhen the game is started, the various players get to play with four cards. The rule of playing with the four cards happens with four cards face down. When the players are participating in the game, a combination of real cards needs to be kept in place. The secret which is involved in dealing with the hands plays an important role in winning the game.

When everything is in order and the players are ready, the rounds of betting start. Four rounds of betting occur in the game. When the rounds commence, the player who is stationed in the left side of big blind gets the first opportunity. From here on in this process continues in a clockwise direction. The level of bets enhance with the progress of the rounds and the players get the option to check, fold , raise or call as per their liking. The players who manage to survive this betting stage progress towards the next one amongst how to play Badugi.

The next stage consists of drawing the cards. As per this particular round, the players get the option of drawing the cards from the list of four (Replacing as many cards as desired out of there four card hand). The player also has the option of not going for a draw as well. The player just needs to remember that the one located on the left of the dealer gets the first chance. As this process gets over, the next round of betting commences.

Badugi Hand Order

Badugi hand order is the order of the best possible badugi hand to the lowest possible badugi hand also know as badugi hand rankings.

Four Separate Suited Cards is Badugi : The top badugi hand is Ace,2,3,4 When two or more players tie: The Player with lowest card starting with the second lowest card wins or if tied again lowest Third card wins the pot, players with the same hand split the pot.
Here is an Example of a Three card badugi hand all different suits, Due to the pair of eights only three cards play and the fourth card is ignored completely. If One of the eights was replaced by another card of the same suit then this would still be a three card hand and players with an identical hand split the pot other wise the hand is counted down.
A two card badugi hand : As there are three cards of the same suite only two cards are counted, one of which is the lowest of the three suited cards, another example of a two card badugi hand would be two pair.
A Single card badugi hand : Due to four a kind not counting only one of the four cards is counted, The player with the lowest card wins, Another example of a four card hand would be four cards of the same suit.