How to play Triple Stud

You should know the various techniques which are associated with playing triple stud and pocket millions on the poker table.

Triple stud poker is the most popular game in the poker world. This is the mixed up of mainly three kind of pokers seven card stud,razz poker and stud 8/b.maximum six players can play this game.
As it’s a combination of three different poker rules, each of the kind has its own playing rules. If you know only one kind other two will be easy for you. The basic rules are {for 8 hands}

  • • First round-regular seven card stud
  • • Second round-regular razz poker
  • • Third round-seven card stud hi/lo

The seven card stud

This is the most simple one of all kinds. In this game antes are used in the place of blinds. In the starting point of the game every player will put in an ante. The same dealing format is used or all three variants. After placing the antes into the pot each player will get two hole cards and one upcard.The player who is holding the lowest up card has to bet, 50% of the table’s all bet. The betting will be anti clockwise. The dealer will deal all players another upcard.After that another round of betting will start. The final card will be the hole card and more betting will happen. In this game the player who will own the best 5 hand will win the game.

Razz poker

This is the most important and perhaps the trickiest of all. It is very difficult to win razz poker. It is mostly like the above one but has some difference like after the first deal the player with the highest upcard has to put the “bring-in” into the pot when the objective is the other one.In this poker you want the lowest hand. In this four 8s can beat four 9s.

Seven card stud hi-lo

The last but not the least one is the seven card stud hi-lo.its a combination of simple stud and razz. This time you have to have the lowest or the highest possible hand. The good will is like a-a-2-4-5-6-6.this combo will give you a strongest low hand. Flushes and straight are not in counting this time as far as the low hand is working for you. Your low hand has to be less than 8


Whenever you want to play this mixed poker game. You need to follow your track list of how everyone is playing their game. Most of the players can play razz but the other two. This is the most useful advice when it comes to strategy. This three games has so many things in common. Most of the strategies work for both stud and stud h/l.but there are other strategies which will help you to play razz and stud h/l.but razz and stud can’t be played with a same strategy as the objective is totally different.

  • • If you are not familiar with poker here are some clues:
  • • In seven card stud the highest hand wins the pot.
  • • In razz the lowest ranking hand wins.
  • • In the last game you want either highest or the lowest hand to win the pot.