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Learning to play Texas hold'em poker is really easy. Becoming a skilled poker player takes Time and even after this happens you will never stop improving your game, The more poker you play the better player you will become.

Now the game poker we are going to teach is No-Limit Texas Hold'em which is the most popular casino poker game played today. The game is played in every online poker room, your local pub or club and now in most casino's across the country. It's such a popular game, it was one of the first games available in many new ipad casinos developed. Before we begin you will need to join an online poker room that provides Free Play Tables, Here are just a few recommended safe and secure Internet poker rooms. For those looking to play at an online casino or just play some online slots well most poker rooms have quality casino's these days. You get to experience the best of what 7Sultans has to offer, 7Sultans is high on the online casino listing of quite a few websites.

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How and Where to start to learn to Play Texas hold'em Poker

  • Poker Hand Rankings : Lowest poker hand to the highest poker hand possible playing Texas Hold'em Poker.
  • How to Play Texas Hold'em Poker: How to play poker including some basic rules.
  • Poker Hand Odds : Learn your chances of winning with your poker hand from the flop to the river, Out's and percentages are key part in winning and becoming a better poker player.
  • Poker Lingo : Learn what the slang terms mean that players use at the table, Not knowing shows weakness.
  • Some Basic Beginners Strategy Tips : Just to help you get started with a greater understanding of the game of Texas hold'em poker, A few key tips you should remember to advance your game.

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Patience is a huge requirement needed to become a profitable winning poker player, Patience is the first important requirement you will need to be consistent be able to take your game to new performance levels of play.

1. Patience : Most people find this the most demanding requirement needed in order to become a regular winning poker player and no matter what type of poker game or tournament you play patience is the biggest key. Breaking down opponents and learning there play takes time, sitting in on a ring game and expecting to win every time within an hour or so is not going to happen every time you play so playing for several hours takes a lot of patience and make no mistake you must must master this aspect. No one can help you over come this obstacle, so many players fall down at the tables and crumble to dust after short periods of play.

Symptoms of losing patience while playing poker
  • Gambling on bad cards and draws that are of low percentage outs and require a large amount of chips in order to see the hand through.
  • Singling a player out and Chasing moneys lost against said opponent, Regardless of how bad you may think that players is.
  • Becoming involved in player chat and becoming aggravated by a players comments towards you.
  • Increasing the stakes pre flop with bad cards in the hope of getting lucky (It's called gambling and good poker players play percentages).

One of the most important parts of your poker arsenal is your starting chip stack, So make sure you do not take your whole stack to any single table, Crying about it later will not correct the fact you lost it all. (Read More)

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Poker Player Betting Patterns

Watching a players betting patterns can seriously pay dividends.

There are important factors to every hand you play from the start of the hand to Finnish one of these factors is a players betting pattern, how much a player bets pre flop on the flop and the turn and river should be followed from the start of the hand to the Finnish, by following a players betting pattern you can determine a players strength and help you make a more informed decision on how to proceed with your hand.

Even the time a player takes to make his decision regarding his hand can give clues to a players hand strength and what type of hand he or she is holding.

Watch each Hand closely

You should watch each players betting pattern closely even if not participating in the hand more often than not most players will a play previous similar hands the same way, watching betting patterns is the strongest way of formulating a poker tell playing online poker. (Read More)

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Poker Beyond Strategy

Taking you beyond poker strategy, playing online poker as everyone knows by now is different to real table play, after all you are using poker software not real cards dealt and shuffled by a real live person.

Online poker software uses a random No generator (RNG) to shuffle the deck, most poker rooms use an RNG developed by Intel, although a computer cannot generate random Numbers, what the algorithm actually does is take a card from a full deck and starts to make another deck until the new deck is complete then deals the cards.

Well that covers in simple terms how the new deck is formed, but let’s look at the software and what our online experience tells us about actually playing online.

The most important factor we need to look at here is percentages, your percentages of hands won (Read More).

Texas Holdem Game Guides For Beginners

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