Passive aggressive poker and different ways of the Game

Passive players are one who is scared to bet and do not take much chances and the aggressive players are one who seldom consider their hands and do bet and raise to win. These types of players do make up the passive aggressive poker.

The players in poker have different traits of playing according to their psychology and hence there is a huge difference in their way of playing poker. There are tight and aggressive player and the passive aggressive player. When tight and aggressive players are those who raise when they are sure that they will win and aggressively create the atmosphere to win – the Passive aggressive poker player is the one who rarely bet themselves and sometimes do call but never come to the betting zone until they are absolutely sure that they will win.

Whatever may be the poker type – do not let others change your style if it is working for you. If you are a Passive aggressive poker player then check if it is winning bets for you. The passive player is one who seldom bets and even if they go for a bet – very rarely do they raise and win. The type of cards in their hands are always considered to be bad or weak as they are themselves not sure of the cards that they need to win. They are timid players and never show any courage in the play. Hence if you want to bluff and win they are the ideal opponents for you.

In the type of Passive aggressive poker – an aggressive player is the one who is sure of his steps and more often than not – will take a brash decision which will seldom benefit him. They raise if they think a bet is worthwhile even if it is actually not. They will not think much about the decision and take whatever action has to be taken. The aggressive player will not go for a plan to slowly but surely take the field and this brash type of decision makes him a bad player sometimes as he does not weigh all the options before a raise.

The main difference between passive and aggressive poker player is that the passive player call or check more often but seldom bets or collect the bet. The aggressive player will raise or re-raise without much checking of the hands and will bet with any type of card at hand. They will play the card at different times. The passive player will call so will play when there is an option for call but will never raise or re-raise someone who challenges. The aggressive will bet more often and will never hate losing as they say you need to spend money to make the money.

When you are playing in a table you need to decide about each person’s type to understand their play and categorize them. The Passive aggressive poker is played by people like you but they have subtle trends and different way of thinking. If he is a passive player – he will raise very rare for they fear loss of the bet and the aggressive player never think about the other players psychology. They play with frequent bets and the people playing with them find they have a good hand frequently. If you allow them to take the lead in betting they will bet higher and you play slow to get them raising the bet and giving out the chips.