Playing Tight Poker

Playing tight poker game is something like playing only to win in spite of everything. You have a good hand and your mental strength and will works to make you the winner. You raise and win and never let any chance let pass you’ll.

Playing Tight Poker is still the best style and sure way of winning the game. A person who is playing tight poker is sure to check which position he is playing from and also does not play too many hands and this careful approach makes him play with all considerations and winning becomes easier. This type of game is played when you have got a good hand and as there is limited number of times he plays – he is confident about the cards in his hand, A tight player is often recognised by other players quite quickly, but this does not stop him or her from winning big pots with quality hands.

The person playing tight poker will not play indecisively but will raise and re-raise when he gets an option. If the tight player is aggressive too – he will keep playing with all zeal and strategies with only one aim, to win. After the flop he will keep on betting and pursue the winning bet and get it. The passive players are those who does not raise or just raise sometimes and does not play with all his will to win. They are timid and limp into the winning pot and they also get tensed easily. Hence when the game is hot and happening and the nerves play wrought – they keep out of the action and also from winning the game.

There are few reasons why the passive players loose and the one Playing Tight Poker wins. The tight players play premium hands or the hands that will give results instead of playing all the hands or rag cards. This will allow him to make little mistakes too and hence will earn more profits. The other players will follow your game and will understand your type of the game and will never cross roads as you are premium card player. You can therefore raise the pots and they make it easier for you by folding when you raise – which allows profitable bluffs from your side too.

Your style for playing poker might be playing tight poker but to be sure people might leave the pot for you initially but if you keep on playing in the same style they will follow it and will know the way you play and will find your weakest moves and will win. It is best for you to play tight but with inter spaced with loose style so that they can’t spot your pattern and get into your way of winning. The tight aggressive player sometimes turn loose and sometimes tight is something one cannot follow as there is no fixed pattern.
The habit of playing tight poker therefore needs to be checked for sometimes your opponents might become offended at the way you play and since it is a game – you must take care that everybody enjoys the game and so to stop them playback at you by check raise, keep a loose style in some of the games, confusing the opponents. This changing of gears sometimes from your standard tight and aggressive style will keep the others in the table guessing and your profits growing. You must give your opponents due respect and your table image will also remain good if you keep changing to different style but the winning strategy to the tight games.