Poker Beyond Strategy

Taking you beyond poker strategy, playing online poker as everyone knows by now is different to real table play, after all you are using poker software not real cards dealt and shuffled by a real live person.

Online poker software uses a random No generator (RNG) to shuffle the deck, most poker rooms use an RNG developed by Intel, although a computer cannot generate random Numbers, what the algorithm actually does is take a card from a full deck and starts to make another deck until the new deck is complete then deals the cards.

Well that covers in simple terms how the new deck is formed, but let’s look at the software and what our online experience tells us about actually playing online.

The most important factor we need to look at here is percentages, your percentages of hands won in conjunction with the amount of players at the table, Let’s look at a six player table, when sitting down at a six player table the odds are, you should win one in six hands, not necessarily straight away but over time during your play, you could lose as an example 18 hands straight the win three hands on the bounce and of course you could win the first three and then lose 18 hands.

So How Does This Information Help You ?

Well adding another dimension to your game you should follow your hands played and your win percentage at all times during your play at a six man table, once you find a pattern by playing your normal game, you can then introduce a new form of strategy to your game, you should find if you win more than your fair share ( a much larger percentage than you should then you should find you will lose a lot more hands no matter what cards you are being dealt until the balance is restored or you have reversed this situation by folding lots of hands, once you have mastered this percentage process you can then turn it to your advantage by manipulating the percentage as an example if you fall behind this percentage you can start to call pre flop raises more often with almost rag cards and catch a nice flop taking down some pretty big pots, just remember to control your play, my personal win percentage is now one in four after incorporating this poker software strategy, this is most certainly a no-limit Texas hold’em strategy for online poker RNG games.