Poker Hand Rankings

Texas Hold'em Poker hand rankings, The order of possible hands that can be made while playing Texas holdem from the best possible poker hand that can be made to the lowest hand possible.

When playing Texas holdem poker using one or both whole cards in your hand and the three or four cards from the flop, the turn card and the final card called the river card, your hand must consist of five cards no matter the hand that you have, I.E If you held two pair then that would be made up of 4 cards, So if a player had an identical hand then the highest fith card would possibly become the winning card , however the fith card is always played but not always recognised as you will see from the in depth poker hand analysis below.

Basic Poker Hand Ranking Order Best to Lowest Poker Hand


In Depth Poker Hand Ranking Analysis including Poker Hand Rules

When playing Texas Hold'em Poker it pays to know poker hand rankings and the texas holdem poker hand rules which include the 5Th card rule which applies to some poker hands but not all.

Royal Flush : The ultimate poker hand is called a royal flush, The royal flush always consists of Five cards which are Ace King Queen Jack Ten only (No other 5 card run of the same suit is a royal flush see straight flush), The royal flush must be made with all cards from ten to ace being of the same suit, Either all hearts clubs diamonds or spades, Making only four types of royal flush possible, however each one holds the same value (The best hand possible when playing Texas hold'em poker). As no-limit hold'em is played with a total of seven cards only one royal flush is possible in each hand played so no two players can have one in any single hand played.

Straight Flush : The Straight flush Can often be confused by beginners with a royal flush as they both are made up of a five card hand all of the same suit, How Ever where the royal flush can only be made up of                         The straight flush can be made up of any other five card run of the same suit starting with                          all the way up to                          being highest Straight flush possible.

Four of Kind : The poker hand four of kind consists of four identical cards from four two's to four aces the later of which is the highest four of a kind possible. If a situation arises where both players have the same four of a kind then your 5Th card will not play even if it is better than your opponents high card and the pot is split. It is possible for a four of a kind hand to be contained within the flop the turn and river, When this happens the pot will be split between the remaining players in the hand at the end of betting, Some players have pushed all in when this has happened and other players have folded not knowing in this situation that they are guaranteed to split the pot.

Full House : A Full house is made up of three of a kind and two of a kind the lowest possible full house is three two's and two three's. The highest possible full house is three aces and two kings, So in conclusion the higher the set of three a player has will win over another opponents full house even if his set of two cards is higher.

   Poker Lingo Terms for a Full House.

        • Full Boat

Flush : A flush consists of five cards of the same suit not in numerical order so not to form a 5 card straight. An Ace flush is considered the highest flush hand and when both players have a flush the hands are counted down from highest to lowest card until the player with the next sequential higher card is found and named the winner of the hand (so all 5 cards play).

Straight : A straight as it is know or Run is made up of five cards in a sequential link that are not all the same suit, Examples are                          or                          or                          the later being the highest possible straight poker hand. If two players or more have the same straight the pot is split equally among those players.

Three of a Kind : Any three cards of the same value, so three two's or fives or jacks or aces e.c.t and as no two players can have the same three of a kind the player with the highest three of a kind wins the pot.

   Poker Lingo Terms for a Three of a kind.

        • Trips

Two Pair : Made up of any two sets of cards of the same rank i.e                     or                     and your 5Th card to form your best 5 card hand. The highest possible two pair hand consists of two aces and two kings plus a queen kicker, The lowest possible two pair consists of two two's and two three's and a four. Now here is where the kicker card your 5Th card comes in to play the most but can also get a bit confusing to most players. When two players have the same two pair the player with the highest (kicker card) 5Th card wins but only if the 5Th card is higher than the spare card of the 5 cards seen on the flop turn and river but not used, otherwise the pot is split.

Single Pair : The lowest single pair possible playing poker is a pair of two's the highest possible single pair is a pair of aces. If two players have the same pair the player with highest remaining card of there five card hand counting down if required wins the hand, If counting down to the 4Th card both players still have the same hand the 5Th and final card must beat the highest spare card laid down on either the flop turn or river.

   Poker Lingo Terms for a single pair (low).

        • Pocket Pair

High Card Hand : A high card hand is made up of the highest possible 5 cards, If both or all players left in the hand have the best high card then the hand is counted down until the player with the highest remaining card is found and deemed to be the winner, Example of a high card hand                         .

Once mastering your poker hand rankings you are already half way there to being able to play texas holdem poker online or in your local club or casino.

Okay so you have now mastered your poker hand rankings, you have learned the order of importance of each and every hand possible playing texas hold'em, You should now move on to how to play texas hold'em poker.