Poker Player Betting Patterns Tips

Watching a players betting patterns can seriously pay dividends and win you big hold'em betting pots.

There are important factors to every hand you play from the start of the hand to Finnish one of these factors is a players betting pattern, how much a player bets pre flop on the flop and the turn and river should be followed from the start of the hand to the Finnish, by following a players betting pattern you can determine a players strength and help you make a more informed decision on how to proceed with your hand.

Even the time a player takes to make his decision regarding his hand can give clues to a players hand strength and what type of hand he or she is holding.

Watch each Hand closely

You should watch each players betting pattern closely even if not participating in the hand more often than not most players will a play previous similar hands the same way, watching betting patterns is the strongest way of formulating a poker tell playing online poker.

Post Betting Pattern Strategy

A good way of collecting valuable information regarding a players betting pattern is to spend some time watching the table before joining, collecting as much information prior to joining will help you formulate a each players betting pattern.

Most Common Betting Pattern

One of the most common betting patters is call,bet,bet,check, once following your own betting pattern and other players to you will begin to notice this, it's a simple matter of the most common hands a player receives, a good example you call pre flop with your hand and make top pair so you bet the flop and when called you bet the turn still betting your top pair or two pair, now when the river is dealt there are more often than not a ton of possible hands that can beat you so you need to check all possible outcomes, a better course of action is to bet the river as the chances are you still have the winning hand and an opponent has missed his flush or straight or he or she may have been chasing also holding top pair, if raised on the river in this situation you may of course choose to fold however most of the time you will win more than you lose.