Post Flop – Poker Strategies at work for the Win

Post flop is the period when you actually call the bets if your hand is good and fold if it is not so good. The strategies of the pre flop need to be followed and an eye needs to be on the game – to detect any change in the atmosphere.

The game of poker starts with your pre flop strategies but the winning steps are formed post flop play of poker. We have to actually work on the pre flop strategies during and after the flop – to go to the winning zone. The game starts with the two card hand and the game goes with the flop play. We need to play our hand with caution and confidence for anything can happen during the game as all players will work on their strategies and raise aggressively to win the bets.

When the play turns the table and new combinations of cards revealed – we start with the actual scenario. It is the post flop that the efforts are poured and results obtained. We also get a cleared idea of the game this time and need to watch the development of the game with a hand read of the players on the table. Here we need to put our effort to read the hands of other players as best as we can – which again is time consuming and no one can do it in an instant and without any mistakes.

The holding cards are most important in the post flop game and you have to hit the hand instantly or else you might not get another miracle card to save your game. You have to play tight but you cannot give any space to others, even by mistake, to win. If the table is strong then all will have high cards and then do not get scared with low flop. You need to find the flush on the flop and also the straight draws. If you have 3 straight cards or at least 2 cards of the similar suits, you can bet the people out of the pot so they do not try to draw.

In the post flop you might get cards with which you can draw but you need to check each card and free them but if your opponent is weak – you can call a bluff to show that your hand is good. You bet as per the bluff and make the weak opponent fold and if you get a chance you will make up your hand. If your hand is a flush draw, your chance to catch the flush is 32% - from the next cards. You have to check the flop and get out soon, to avoid catching the trips. You can check for a free card but do not go for a bet unless the board has got a low tune.

There are many things that you need to consider – Post Flop and the best thing is practice the decisions too. After a lot of practice – the decisions start becoming a natural instinct on the table. You will have to stick to the rules and strategies and deviate if the reason is good enough. You might face a bad beat but consider that to be part of the game and you have to go with these phases. You will find opponents not better than you are – will win the game and that also has to be taken with a pinch of salt and then you must start with the basic strategy that if you have a good hand you must call.