Pre flop and your Game Planning - According to the Cards in Hand

Pre flop is the time when the betting has not started but you have the cards in your hand and in the flop. You fix some strategies to work when you are to play and these strategies need to be decided initially.

The Pre flop strategy is something through which you can bring changes in your Texas Hold’em games. The people on a table who should see the flop should be around 30% or if it is 20 heads then only 2-3 should be seeing the flop. The factors that you should check are how many players are there and what type of people are they – for example – are they aggressive or passive or tight players. You must also think about the amount you can put out for the stack, the position you are sitting in and also will you be ready to take risk? These considerations are pre flop game planning.

When you consider the positioning of others in Pre flop, you need to consider the dealer – person who deals the hand and the button who is in front of the dealer. The big blind is the person on the left and two places away from the dealer and the small blind sits to left of the dealer. The big blind has a bet in the pot and will be the last one to do the pre flop betting. The small blind sets half of the bet initially and may also call at his turn. The first person to the left of the big blind is in the “under the gun” position as he will bet first in the game.

When you try to find out how much to raise during Pre flop – you need to look at your hand strength and then decide. Inspite of the position you are sitting – if you have a marginal hand, it is fine to go for a good raise. The time when you have a good hand you would like to raise to clear the field to some extent but the more important for you will be to get some good hands to win the pot. With a weak hand you go for folding or need to convince others to fold.

Some common grouping Pre flop would help us keep a look out for such cards easily during the period. For example if you have a pocket pair and smaller pocket pair then the favour goes for the higher pocket pair. If you have a hand of pocket pair on one side and over cards like 55 or lesser – then there is a 55% vs. 45% chance for pocket vs. over cards. If the pocket pair is compared with two under cards then the chance is 80% to 20% but again if the pocket pair is weighed against one over and one under cards – then the favour is for 70% to 30%

When you start the game you are confused about the pre flop strategies, but as you grow experienced you understand the missing link between the pre flop strategies and the actual game. You start keeping some equations with you. Some equations are - if you have two suited cards and under pairs (AK vs. 66) – 66 might get the winning gleam 52% of time. If there is a over pair and under pairs – then the over pair chance is 81% There are various other charts and calculations that you can learn by heart or can download online and get to use – to prepare a strong pre flop strategy while playing Texas Hold’em poker.