Reading players behaviour – A Skill to Win a Hand in Poker

The reading of other players is actually being able to tell the cards they hold without looking at them. Simple mathematical calculations and deductions can give you this knowledge that you can use for your benefit.

When you sit for a poker game it is your skill that can tell you many things – like the cards in your opponent’s hand for one thing. Hence reading players is something that you must be able to do – after you get to play a lot of poker games and develop this skill. This is a science that all poker players believe in and you have to deduct it through your knowledge of poker art and psychology of the players around you. Though it is talked about much it is not very easy to develop this art and you need full concentration and mathematical calculations.

The game you start with must remain within your control if you learn to read the board first. The cards that are important and reading players’ cards are imperative for you. You have to decide the best hand for yourself and how the cards you are holding stands up against the other hands of the opponent. For this you need to know the cards on the board so that you feed the information and decide your stack. It will be patience on your part that will help you to gain this knowledge and then work out your next step.

You can analyze your opponents’ play and betting at each round and his behavioural changes on each call or raise. They will be reading players’ cards too so you must control your facial expression and the cards that you show, so that their calculation is late and you take the advantage of it. You must logically explain each action they take and bet they make and even if they fold – the reason for doing so.

formulate a poker strategyThe most calculations of reading players’ cards can be reached if you work the present deal and start revising the steps backward and match the calculations that you have till the current position in order to work out the righ apponents formula. You can take help of all the actions that came in the previous bets. As the game unfolds – you will have more information to work on. The one, who can read the others hand is almost revered, but the skill is a key for success in the games of higher limits and tournaments. The same time you have to reverse the assumptions of your own behaviour and mix up the acts so that it not easily read by others.

The poker players have ‘tells’ and that is the physical reactions, small exclamations and other behaviours that give information about the cards they hold. Reading players by this tell becomes fun at sometimes. The eye movements, fidgets and twitches, changes in the pattern of behaviour or way of holding the cards etc are important to note. Some players do have verbal tell like they have a bad hand – which may actually mean they have a good hand or else they would have folded instead of a call or raise. These are to be judged by you with small talks at the end and then keep the knowledge with you for use.