Texas Hold'em Getting Started

Poker is an easy game to play if you have the basic poker mindset. This article is a beginner’s guide on how to go about a game of poker. Hope it helps you to make a lot of money.

This article is about what you need or need not do, when you’re playing poker for the first time. It won’t teach you to be an excellent player; however it could give you a few tips to start in the right approach. So here they are:-

  • • Poker is a mixture of skill and luck. A beginner could be lucky enough to beat a world class player any given night. Although, in the long run, a skillful player is bound to end up with the major chunk of the cash. The one thing that you should know when you start playing poker is that the odds of you losing are much greater than that of winning. You must not let losses weigh you down. The key is to know when you have a winning hand, and win so big in that one hand, that it would be wipe out all your losses in that particular game, and turn them into profits.
  • • Each poker hand includes 52 random cards and the permutation in which they emerge on the table can’t be partial. The top players appreciate that they cannot direct the cards. All they try to do is to make proper decisions at the table.
  • • One needs to be aggressive to play good poker. In poker, you could either have the best hand at the table, and win, or you could make the others think that you have the best hand, and thus, win. Don’t be a passive player. Don't call a lot; raise and bet. Be an aggressor, putting pressure on the opponents.
  • • Be honest to yourself. In poker, you could play well and lose; and also, play badly and win. After the game, you could tell anybody any tale you want, although you need to know the truth yourself. Results don’t show you how you have played in poker. The results don’t have anything to do with luck in the long run. If you make the proper decisions, you would always be a winner in the long run.
  • • Poker is a comparative game. It was often said about Eric Drache that 'he is the 6th best card player in the world - unfortunately for him, he would usually play against the best 5'. In poker you would not have to be the world champion to make your money and win. You might not even be any good at this game - you only need to be better than all the other players at your table. Another famous saying in poker is 'if you are at a poker table and you can’t spot the sucker at your table; it is you.' You must always be sure that you are better than most of the other players at your table.

Following these tips are bound to turn improve your game and turn you into a decent poker player.